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Ensure audio quality in your digital supply chain: PhoniQs

Implement PhoniQs to ensure audio quality.

PhoniQs enables you to detect main audio error types in your digital processes or supply chains.
PhoniQs can be easily implemented in all processes or supply chains on all platforms.
PhoniQs can be run as
  • Standalone tool with GUI,
  • Commandline tool - can be implemented in all supply chains (on all platforms),
  • Batch mode tool or
  • Via online API.

PhoniQs capabilities

Manage all tasks, make them visible and achieve operational excellence: OETaskSuite

OETaskSuite to achieve operational excellence.

The usage of OETaskSuite will help your company to strengthen
  • Visibility,
  • Traceability,
  • Resource planning,
  • Efficiency and
  • Allocation.

OETaskSuite capabilities

Ensure audio stream quality in video files: VideoPhoniQs

Utilize VideoPhoniQs to ensure highest audio quality in your video production process.

VideoPhoniQs is easy to use by
  • Easy integration: use VideoPhoniQs as standalone application or integrate it into existing processes.
  • Easy usability: best practice QC presets and optimized user interaction.
  • Easy adaption: all algorithm settings can be adjusted.
  • Builtin instant error verification.

VideoPhoniQs capabilities

Embed hidden data in audio streams: AudioMask

AudioMask enables you to store codec and transmission invariant data in streams.

The AudioMask technology can be easily adapted to your needs, no matter which codec or transmission you are using.

AudioMask capabilities

Store generic data in media files: XMP - (meta or media)data injection

Use XMP to enrich your media assets.

XMP offers a comprehensive toolset to store all kind of meta data and generic data (also e.g. media streams).
It can be used for all common media containers like
  • mp3
  • mp4 and
  • wma.
We have the competence to add XMP to your processes and enrich your assets.

XMP toolset capabilities