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Company Blog: Projects and Cooperations

PhoniQs Version 2.2.0 has been released

PhoniQs Version 2.2.0 overview

PhoniQs 2.2.0 supports now the m4a format.

The Vintage Base - Buy, Sell, Rent or Show Vintage Treasures


We launched the amazing web portal THE VINTAGE BASE - the 1st worldwide vintage cars, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, trucks,.. and collectibles database. Buy, sell, rent or simply show your treasure.

Amid Systems - Experts for Prototyping and Home Automation

Amid Systems logo

TPQ-Solutions is now a partner of Amid Systems - Experts for Prototyping and Home Automation.

Sony DADC Austria is now using PhoniQs 2.2.0 in their Mastering Process

Sony DADC logo

PhoniQs 2.1.0 is now implemented into the Mastering process of Sony DADC Austria in Anif/Sbg to ensure audio quality on highest level.

PhoniQs Version 2.1.0 has been released

PhoniQs Version 2.1.0 - inverted sample detection

PhoniQs 2.1.0 supports now the detection of inverted audio samples.

Inverted audio samples result in disturbing audio clicks when playback the audio file. The picture shows an example of inverted audio samples on both audio channels detected by PhoniQs 2.1.0.

sell4me - Commercial Selling & IT Services Agency

sell4me logo

sell4me and TPQ-Solutions have agreed strategic partnership to develop enhanced commercial platform services.

sell4me is an Austrian company offering professional services for optimized consumer selling and software development. The strategic partnership will allow both companies to develop new markets and to offer new services to their customers.

RediSync - Interface. Audio. Video.

Redisync logo

RediSync allows the synchronization of digital audio and video content.

RediSync is designed to combine existing Public Adress Systems with advertising screens. RediSync recognizes the audio content and routes the matching digital signage content over the IP network.

Parking Guide Systems & Smart Parking

PDD.Parking picture

PDD and TPQ-Solutions will cooperate on developing Smart Parking projects.

The parking industry is going through its biggest evolution - it is being transformed by new technologies that are increasing operational efficiency and customer expectations, and by new perspectives on the role of parking within cities.

Major release version 2.0.1 for PhoniQs Windows

PhoniQs Version 2.0.1 screenshot

We have released the brand new major version 2.0.1 for PhoniQs Windows.

This major release contains a lot of improved functions and features. We have focussed our efforts on the GUI flexibility, on the detection algorithm in time and frequency domain and on the integrity check capabilities.
Get in touch with us and improve your digital audio processes.

Our latest Media QC Solution - VideoPhoniQs

VideoPhoniQs datasheet

We have entered the final testing phase with our new product VideoPhoniQs.

VideoPhoniQs enables video production companies to detect errors in audio streams early in their production cycle.
All audio channels (within multiple audio streams) are automatically analyzed and detected errors are listed in the front end.
The detected errors can be immediately verified with the integrated media player. VideoPhoniQs is using a highly optimzed detection algorithm and thereby capable to analyze even HD videos at 50 x real-time.